10 Things I’m Diggin’ Right Now

10 Things I’m Diggin’ Right Now

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Ten Things

I’ve been really indulging in a lot of lovely healthy foods, books and other products recently, so I thought I’d share with you  bit of what I have been up to and what products I’ve been getting a lot of pleasure and enjoyment from!

These are in no particular order of enjoyment!

  • 1. Yogi Tea


Ever since I gave up drinking coffee, I’ve developed a love for tea. These days there are so many yummy, organic teas on the market, but one of my favourite brands is Yogi Tea. I think I must have tried about half of the blends they have available in their very extensive selection, and my favourites are Women’s Energy, Refreshing Mint Vital Energy and Green Tea  Kombucha. The ritual of making a cuppa to sip on throughout the day is just so lovely, and with Yogi Tea you also get an inspiring message on the teabag, which always makes me smile. I really don’t miss drinking coffee at all with so many yummy teas to try!

  • 2. Undiet book Undiet

I try and limit myself to just ONE new cookbook or nutrition book purchase a month, as I am very much addicted to them. I was so excited when my August purchase arrived, so I could start reading Undiet by Meghan Telpner. In fact, Meghan’s words resonated with me so much, that I wanted to give this delightful Nutritionista a huge hug for sharing such words of wisdom with the world. Her philosophy on food and life are totally aligned with my own. Undiet is definitely one of my favourite healthy living books so far.

  • 3. Geranium Essential Oil


I LOVE essential oils and they are a major part of my life and I cannot imagine my life without essential oils in it.  I use various oils throughout the day in different ways- drops in my water or tea, applied topically, used as a fragrance, to heal a particular ailment and diffused in the air. Every month I make an order for Young Living Essential Oils, and I always like to try a new oil blend or single oil. My new favourite oil is geranium, and it has been put into use a lot since I got it. The scent is gorgeous making it a great perfume, plus it is great for the skin, so I have been adding a drop into my moisturiser to keep it looking bright. The aroma is also delicious when diffused and it helps to keep me relaxed yet alert. So good!

  • 4. Chia Pots


I was pretty much addicted to these two weeks ago before I went away to Australia. I was SUPER busy and wanted a quick, delicious and filling mid-morning snack to keep me going until I had a late lunch…and these chia pots did the trick. I would basically add 2 tablespoons of chia seeds to a small mason jar, then add either almond milk or coconut milk and let it soak. I’d then stir in some superfood powders (maca, lucuma and/or acai) as well as cacao powder, and add some frozen berries. I’d put the lid on the jar, shake it all up and then leave it in the fridge til I wanted it. The result was a very tasty chia pudding that totally hit the spot!

  • 5. Wonder Chocolate


I can’t get enough of this stuff (or any organic, dark chocolate for that matter!). Because I sell this stuff, I have a big supply of it on-hand to grab any time, which is a little bit dangerous! Each packet is the perfect single serving, and tastes like a total indulgence yet is actually really good for you as it provides antioxidants and the love drug Anandamide to your brain. I think my preference is for the sea salt and cacao nibs variety but some days the regular flavour jumps out at me more!

  • 6. Wheatgrass shots


I wrote about the benefits of wheatgrass a little whole ago, and I really have developed quite a fondness for the green elixir. Whilst I still don’t love the taste, I really enjoy the after effects which feel like a boost of energy that courses through my veins.

  • 7. Wellness Seeker Wednesday


I almost didn’t include this new blog column in this list, but I just had to. I have been LOVING this new series I’m running! There are so many awesome women out there who are living and teaching the healthy lifestyle and it brings me great joy to share their stories with you. The Wellness Seeker Wednesday interviews can be found here on he blog, with many more awesome interviews still to come!

  • 8. Yantra Mat


I can’t remember where it was that i first read about acupressure mats, but as soon as I did, I knew I needed to try one. My online searches led me to the Yantra Mat, and I ordered one online and had it sent to Australia as I knew I’d be there soon. It had already arrived before I got there and was one of the first things I opened up and used. The mat is made of cotton and attached to it are 210 round acupressure flowers. Each flower aligns with one of 42 pressure points that are calibrated to make contact with your body’s meridians.

To use the mat, you simply lay it on the ground or your yoga mat or bed mattress and then lie down on it, starting out for 5-10 minute periods and then increasing the time spent as you get more used to it. The idea is that, similar to accupuncture, the pointy flowers have  contact points on your twelve meridiens which when pressed, may help to release muscular tension, promote the circulation of blood, and may aid the body’s natural healing process.

I’ve been lying on my mat and the bonus pillow for 20 minutes every night right before bed, and have found it a great way to relax and have a very good quality sleep (even with a lot of stress and emotional stuff that has been going on with me lately). I really enjoy using my Yantra mat!

  • 9. Himalayanm Salt Crystal Lamp

Salt Lamp
Himalayan Salt Lamps. © Robert Neff / Fifth World Art, Flickr Creative Commons

Another purchase while I was in Australia that is maybe my favourite thing which I brought back to Indonesia with me is a Himalayan salt lamp. I found a shop that sold salt lamps at wholesale prices, and the only thing stopping me from buying more than the one was the hefty weight of the lamp (as it is, I was pushing my luggage allowance!). The lamp is basically a lump of Himalayan rock salt. Each lamp is unique depending on the shape and colour of the salt rock that has been used to make it. The lamp not only creates a lovely orange glow when it is turned on, but it also has positive health benefits too.

Salt crystal lamps are natural ion generators, emitting negative ions into the atmosphere which restore and neutralize air quality. Our living and work environments these days are  filled with electrical appliances and electronics which emit positive ions that can cause us to have lowered energy and to feel really depressed. Keeping a rock salt lamp in areas where positive ions are polluting your air space will help neutralize the air you breathe making for a more balanced living and working space. Yay to that!

  • 10. Fit Bit One

Fit Bit One

I first heard about Fit Bits from my clients who have been using them successfully and when I looked into what they actually were, I knew that I also wanted to get in on the act!  The Fit Bit is a lifestyle tool that you wear on your body and which records your steps taken each day, as well as calories burned, hours slept and it tracks other activities. It all syncs to an app you can put on your phone where you can also input foods you have eaten so the FitBit will calculate your calories surplus or not for each day.

The thing I like about it is that it helps to keep you motivated and much for focused on your daily physical activity. I have had the FitBit for a week and I am yet to reach 10,000 steps in one day, for example, so throughout the day I am always looking at ways to increase the number of steps I take, and therefore the amount of activity which the FitBit will calculate. This leads to walking up and down the stairs, as opposed to using the lift, and walking up and down the escalator too. It definitely leads to being more active each day. I also find the sleep tracker interesting- I can see how many times I got up each night and how restless or not my sleep was. All pretty insightful info and a good summary to record.

So there you have it! Now you know what I have been using and enjoying recently!

  • I’d love to know if you have used any of these products  yourself, and if so, what you think of them! Please leave a comment below!
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