7 Ways to Get Motivated to Exercise

7 Ways to Get Motivated to Exercise

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I’m sure you have had that feeling before, where logically, you know you need to exercise, and a part of you really does want to…but there is still that niggling little voice in your head that makes getting off you butt and going to the gym almost impossible.

We have all been there! But fortunately, there are some ways that you can keep yourself motivated so that you can move your body and get active, without it seeming like the most difficult thing in the whole wide world to do.

Here are my top 7 ways to stay motivated to exercise:

  • 1. Schedule it in

Just like I keep appointments for the hair dresser, or social engagements with friends, I schedule appointments with myself to go to the gym. This is helpful especially if there is a particular class that you like to go to. Writing it into my diary makes it official, and I am much more likely to keep to my plan.

  • 2. Make gym time, “me” time

I like this one! Having time for yourself is super important each day, so that you can unwind and get out of your own head. Exercising is the ultimate in “me” time, and knowing that it is a special time just for yourself makes it more enjoyable to think about. I love plugging my earphones into my ear and listening to new music or podcasts while I work out, things I don’t normally get time to do if I don’t work out.

  • 3. Make Movement Fun

When you are doing something fun, time flies by and you definitely don’t feel like you are doing a chore. Also make the exercise that you are doing something that is fun. If you hate the gym, well don’t even think about going there as you will probably never go anyway! Find the form of movement that you enjoy and then you will look forward to your exercise time. Think yoga, belly dancing or muay thai as alternatives to the traditional forms of movement you might be thinking of.

  • 4. Set goals and intentions

Have a clear outcome in your mind for how you want to look and feel after doing your workout. This creates an intrinsic motivation that will make you want to go so that you can look and feel as amazing as you do in your mind. You might also like to set up a challenge such as getting fit enough to run a triathlon or to go on a strenuous hike that you need to be fit in order to enjoy doing.

  • 5. Reward yourself

Set yourself a challenge to go to the gym 4 times a week, for example, and when you accomplish that goal, treat yourself! Tell your partner or a close friend of your reward so they can help keep you accountable too. This is a more extrinsic motivation but it can really work!

  • 6. Workout with a friend

Find a gym buddy who will go along with you. It is much more motivating to exercise with someone, and it also gives you an extra shove of motivation as you don’t want to let your mate down. Together you can encourage each other to stay focused.

  • 7. Keep a log

Keep a log of your workout routine, your weight and your measurements and track your progress. Writing this down can be extremely motivational as you see positive changes taking place, and once you see that momentum happening you don’t want to stop.

  • I’d love to hear from you! How do you stay motivated to exercise when you don’t feelĀ  like it, or which one of these tips do you think you will implement?
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