About Simone

About Simone

You are a super busy woman, juggling your stressful work, quality time with your family, friends, and your partner, all the while trying to go to the gym, make healthy meals and  keep up with your other interests (which might just include hours of back-to-back Game of Thrones episodes).

It seems like no matter what you do, despite all this effort to do it all, you STILL don’t look or feel the way you want.

You have tried every diet, you have really tried to eat better and to lose those last few kilos, but STILL, you are heavier than you want to be and you have no idea what to do next. You are exhausted and the whole“getting healthy” process seems soooo complicated with way too much conflicting information.

You didn’t use to be like this. You could eat take-out every night, pig out on pizza, enjoy tubs of ice cream and blocks of chocolate, as well as booze it up every night,  without any side effects.

But now, NOW, even just looking at this kind of food makes you fat (it seems). And then there are those times when you have had a particularly bad day and it is like you are unable to use ANY self control, and you end up eating everything in sight, until it makes you feel sick. Or worse, drinking the entire bottle of wine (not just the one glass you promised yourself).

This isn’t me at all, you think to yourself? Why can’t I just be healthy?! Maybe I will not worry about my health today, and I will try again tomorrow to get on track….or maybe on Monday….

But where do I even start????

Let me introduce myself!


I’m Simone, a certified holistic health and lifestyle coach and raw food chef, founder of The Wellness Warung.

I am really good at helping woman like you to cut through the confusion, fear and uncertainty so that you can achieve enormous health goals (including not even thinking about junk food again, not relying on booze to cheer you up, and actually loving to exercise!).

I do this through a holistic approach that integrates diet and nutrition, movement, and fitness, and major mindset shifts that help to bring more balance back into your life.

Basically, I look at all of the pieces of the confusing puzzle that go into your well-being and together we figure out an integrated and very do-able plan that’s just right for you.

I provide the information, support and accountability, all the while cheering you along and encouraging you, while you do the work that brings about lifelong change.

Why do I do it?

Because years ago, I was you. Deep down, I knew I was amazing and that my body deserved every ounce of care and nurturing I could give it.

But I had no idea what proper care and nurturing looked or felt like. All I knew was that getting drunk with my friends in a smoky bar until the wee hours of the morning was fun and brought me temporary happiness. And that being home alone was lonely and not at all exciting.


I thought that in order to look and feel great I would have to work out at the gym for hours every day and go on a crazy diet which might involve starving myself for days. It didn’t seem like much fun at all. I was really hard on myself and pushed myself to be the life of the party while inside I was really sad and unhappy, masking all of that through booze and busy-ness.

During those years, I realize now that I was actually broken, with very little self respect and no concept of self love.  I was 15 kg overweight, hadn’t exercised properly in years, hadn’t made a meal at home for myself in forever, and I was broken-hearted and terrified of what the future held.


I wanted to be successful, and show the world that I had it all together, when really, inside, this was far from the truth.  Sure, I seemed happy on the outside, but inside I was confused and holding on to my identity as a party girl who worked hard and partied harder.

How did I get here?

Then I moved to Jakarta, a city of 18 million people of not one soul who I knew.

It wasn’t immediate, but within 6 months of my arrival, I made a few realisations:

  1. This wasn’t really me and who I wanted to be anymore
  2. Being happy has nothing to do with how much I weigh or how much I could party, but much more about doing things that light me up
  3. Having amazing support mechanisms in place to help me to change makes blossoming into a better version of me really fun
  4. When I feel happy inside, the rest of my life falls into place (and the weight falls off and stays off with ease)

With these inspired thoughts, I took action and turned my life upside down. I became obsessed with health and well-being and as I learnt and implemented the new amazing information, I started to change my lifestyle so that I exercised consistently but sensibly, stopped drinking every night and found others salves for my soul that included regular meditation and yoga.


I also became passionate about raw foods and the benefits of following a plant based diet, which led me to become a raw and living foods chef. I continued to lose weight (at a sensible rate) without too much effort, and my self esteem soared.

I renewed my interests in travelling, scuba diving, photography and found joy in these hobbies that light me up when I pursue them.

As I started to explore nutrition, and the role that food, relationships, career, spirituality and movement can play in our lives, I was led to study at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, so I could become a health coach to help other people who like me to heal their own insecurities and issues with food, emotional eating and weight gain.

This course cemented the concept that health and wellbeing is not just about what you eat but about the nourishment you get from the relationships you nurture, the hobbies and interests you pursue, your success in your career and work, the spiritual elements of your life that you enjoy…and the food you eat is really secondary.

Because when all of the other things are in place in your life, then you will feel truly, deeply happy. You won’t feel the need to eat crappy food because you are lonely or bored. Because you just won’t feel those ways anymore.

When your core values are aligned with your beliefs, then you will look and feel great, almost magically!

It makes me so happy to be able to show women, who are just like how I used to be, how they too can get on the path to happiness and good health. I love empowering women to take control of their lives so they can be the best person possible for their families and friends, and to be able to show up in the world as fully as possible.


It doesn’t mean following another crazy diet, or deprivation, or never being able to do the things you love ever again. I guide, support and cheer, I keep you accountable and give the tough love that is needed to get you on track to living the life you want. You will get results, and finish your time with me a changed woman who turns heads and who your loved ones will hardly recognize as you take on the best version of yourself.

I know that it is difficult and sometimes it can be hard to see how awesome you really are. But I know that it is in you to live healthy, be happy and to feel confident and sexy,every day.

Want to know more about me?


I’m a free-spirited Aquarian from Australia, living in Jakarta, Indonesia with my husband Pio (short for Scorpio- yes, his real name, and yes, he IS a Scorpio) our gorgeous son Arlo, and two rescued street cats Geli and Molly. I’ve been in Jakarta since 2009, which is when my whole life started to change- for the better.


As a certified holistic health coach, I love working with busy women who are stressed, overweight, overtired and burnt-out and who are needing to shed the pounds that are slowing them down, increase their energy by eating nutritious whole food, and finally prioritize their life and live their passion so they can be happy every day.


I am a multi-passionate woman, and when I am not raving about holistic health and nutrition, you might find me scuba diving on a tropical island, having an adventure travelling and exploring a new exotic place, doing yoga and meditating, at the gym doing a workout, in the kitchen experimenting with food, on my laptop writing, or snapping pictures of the world around me.

Formal Resume

Training and Education

The Institute for Transformational Nutrition, USA
Professional Training and Health Coach Certification Program

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York City
Professional Training and Health Coach Certification Program

Queensland University of Technology, Australia
Master of Education

The Uncooking School, USA
Certified Living and Raw Foods Chef Program

Certification and Accreditation

American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP)
Board Certified and Accredited Member

Vegetarian Health Institute
Certified in Vegan Mastery

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