Blending vs Juicing: Which is Better?

Blending vs Juicing: Which is Better?

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You might be wondering what is the difference between blending and juicing, and is one better than the other. I agree that it can be confusing. Especially here in Indonesia, where what I would call blending, to make a smoothie, is usually referred  to here as a juice, which I consider to be something only made with a juicer.


When you blend, you are using a blender, which mixes all of the fruit and vegetables, including the fibre and pulp, to make what is called a green smoothie (no dairy is added, but you can add water or non-dairy milks).


On the hand, when we juice, we use a special device that separates the pulp from the juice and we drink only the pure juice, or essence from the fruit and veg.

So which is better?

When you first start out, juicing is a lot easier and gentler on your body.  Whether you are juicing to treat a health condition or just to stay healthy, you will experience a lot of detoxification.

When we juice green vegetables, we liberate the chlorophyll and our bodies immediately absorb it.  Chlorophyll is a detoxifier, a deodorant, and is an incredible healer of inner and topical inflammation and wounds.

You need to be careful to use simple juices if you are on a lot of medication.  If you are very sick, you will probably release toxins very quickly.  This will happen in the form of bowel movements as  sometimes your liver dumps a lot of toxins.  This is where good ol’ chlorophyll comes in handy, as it is a neutralizer of toxins and can deal with anything you have.

I find that when I drink a green juice, it gives me loads of energy, as the potent vitamins and minerals surge quickly through my bloodstream. Though sometimes my green juices do taste a bit like jamu (traditional Indonesian medicine)!

When you advance, and if you enjoy the texture, go ahead and make smoothies. I find green smoothies are a filling and satisfying meal, due to the high fibre content. They are also an easy way to get your green veg fix in for the day. 

It is super fun to experiment with different green smoothie ingredient combinations, and they are also super easy to make. I love there is no need to clean the juicer after making a smoothie!

Now it is your turn!

Comment below with your experiences surrounding juicing and/or blending? Good or bad? Which do you prefer, and why?

Remember, every experience is a learning experience towards your health and wellness. 

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