Changing My Relationship With Time

Changing My Relationship With Time

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Changing My Relationship With Time

I just shared this little story with my Weekly Wrap-Up e-zine tribe (are YOU on the list yet for getting my weekly notes of quirky inspiration? If not, you can do that here!) and I thought, gosh, I think this story is also blog-worthy.

So my story centers around my wrist watch- or more precisely, the lack of one.

Since I was ten years old, and my dad bought me my first watch for my birthday (after I proved I could tell the time correctly on analogue!) I have worn a watch.

I’ve always loved wearing a watch, for both an extra accessory, as well as a way to quickly and conveniently tell the time wherever I am.

My most recent watch I’ve had for years, and have worn it all the time, only ever taking it off to go diving, after which time I put it straight back on again.

It is like I actually couldn’t bear not having it on and not being able to check the time throughout the day.

I never actually realised quite how much this watch controlled me until this past week.

Sometime last weekend I noticed that my watch had stopped- the battery had died. I have had to replace the watch battery a number of times through the years and the watch itself otherwise just keeps on ticking.

Knowing I wouldn’t have time to go to the mall where I can get the battery replaced for a couple of weeks, I took my watch off, with a flourish I might add.

The first few days not wearing a watch really threw me. As I was going about my morning routine, I realised that I check my watch a lot. Suddenly without it as my crutch, I had to go about my regular breakfast eating, showering, dressing routine in my own time and speed. It was taking me 15-20 minutes longer to do my morning ritual that I usually have have down pat.

This could only mean one thing. I was no longer being bound by the forces of time and my own pace and flow started creeping in as the week went by. I am now being way more present as I go about doing all my tasks.

Rather than constantly checking my watch and hurrying my shower along, or gulping my smoothie down as I glance at my watch throughout to make sure my timing was all good…I was actually enjoying the shower, slurping my smoothie with satisfaction, taking a moment to breath in the air and to be present in the routine.

And this week, I’ve felt less stressed than usual, even though it has been a particularly busy week.

Because it is much more of a hassle, and not really natural to grab my phone to check the time, I’ve just been learning the natural rhythms and more intuitively figuring out the time.

For example today I noticed my stomach grumbling, and I thought, hmm…it must be lunchtime. And when I checked my phone, it was right on midday, the time when I usually eat.

I’ve been waking up a few minutes before my alarm goes off, and haven’t felt in such a rush. It has been pretty cool!

Will I still go get a battery for my watch? I’m still not sure. But for now I am definitely enjoying this new-found presence and not at all missing my loss of constant contact with time.

  • Now I want to hear from YOU! What is your relationship with time like? Do you have rubber time, or do you wish you could bend it, just a little more in your favour? Share your comments below!
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