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Download the Wellness Warung’s Get Healthy Phone App

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Is preparing meals at home a chore that you dread each day?

If so, get your hands on this free downloadable meal planner, a week’s worth of healthy, gluten-free and plant-based recipes, and a shopping list!

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This gift is guaranteed to make your life easier! Get instant access by clicking this link!

Understand your cravings and make a connection between your mind and body!

Keeping a food diary is an empowering and effective way to really understand your individual mind-body connection. Download this free template which comes as an editable PDF to either fill in on your computer or device, or to print out and complete by hand.

Keep this practice up for 14 days and discover where your lifestyle and food choices are tripping you up and preventing you from making progress with your weight and health.

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Like to snack but want to avoid the junk?

This healthy snacks guide is just what you need to get inspired to snack right and with nourishment.

Healthy Snacks Guide

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Where do you buy healthy ingredients in Jakarta?!

This must be one of the questions I get asked the most!

Click the picture below to download my guide for the places where I shop to get my supplies (no opt-in required!).


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