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"Prior to doing The Wellness Warung's 21 Day Get Healthy Challenge, I was stuck in a cycle of continual sickness. I felt lethargic, unwell, had dark circles under my eyes and was very bloated. Now, my skin is glowing and I'm feeling my energy levels returning. Most importantly of all, I feel my attitude has changed. I'm feeling happier and more positive. I've learnt some great tips from Simone which I will continue to use for the rest of my life."

- Renee Templeton: Mummy, Wife, Me

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- Dellwynn McVean

"I have really enjoyed the 21 Day Challenge  - it makes a lot of sense to me - good old fashioned advice - with no pressure - just follow your advice and you will get results and I love the fact that you are dealing with emotional issues as a lot problems stem from low self-esteem. And it is lovely to have you there for support - always a helping hand. It feels good knowing that you are nourishing your body with all this good food. Thank you for running the Challenge!"

Sign Up Now for Just $21!

Get your health on track for just $1 a day!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What results can I expect to achieve during this challenge?

You will learn simple ways that you can improve your health and well-being day-to-day. This Challenge takes a holistic approach, and will teach you what you need to know to live your life in a way that will help you to have more energy and to lose weight. Previous challengers have experienced higher energy levels, glowing skin and more confidence by the end of the 21 days. Of course, as with everything, what you put in is what you will get out of it!

  • How long will it take for me to see results?

Your results will vary depending on your starting point, and how much effort you put in to making the changes you need to make to improve your health. If you follow through with all the daily challenges and keep doing them every day, you should notice a difference in how you feel by the end of the 21 days.

  • When does the challenge start and end?

The Challenge starts on Monday 1st June and the last day is Sunday 21st June 2015

  • What happens if I miss a day/I'm going on holidays during the challenge/I'm sick during the challenge?

To get the best results you do need to try and commit to reading the emails and implementing them each day. However, if you miss a day or will be away for some of the Challenge, you will still have access to all the materials in your email so you can go back and review at any time. The prizes that will be given away as part of the Challenge will be happening during the set dates of the Challenge, so if you want to be in the running to win, you will need to be doing the Challenge with everyone from June 1st to 21st.

  • Is the content of this challenge the same as the last time you ran it?

The daily challenges are the same as the last round, but there will be some tweaks and changes to improve on the information I share (based on feedback) as well as prizes to win for completing some of the challenges. Even if you did the Challenge last time, you will benefit from doing the Challenge again with the support of other challengers in the Facebook community to keep you motivated, as well as getting the daily emails from me to keep you focussed and on track.

  • Are the daily challenges really hard? What if I can't complete them?

The Challenge is based on a holistic approach to health and wellness and incorporates actual materials and content that I share with my private one-on-one clients. The challenges have been designed to be do-able and actionable as well as informative and fun. If you are struggling or have any questions about any aspect of the Challenge, I encourage you to jump into the private Facebook group where I will be there to answer any of your questions and to provide additional support during the 21 days.

The daily challenges will relate to all aspects of health and will get you nourishing your Soul Foods. Topics evolve around diet & nutrition, movement, relationships, spirituality, passion & purpose and self-care. 

  • I don't use Facebook...will I miss out if I can't join the private group?

One part of the Challenge that makes it really interactive and fun is the Facebook group. This is where you get extra support, guidance and motivation. You might consider setting up a Facebook profile that you only use for the Challenge, and you can even use a pseudonym if you really worried about privacy (just let me know who you really are, so I will know to add you to the group!). Even if you aren't in the Facebook group, you will still receive the Challenge emails and have access to all the daily Challenge information.

"My favourite part of the 21 Day Get Healthy Challenge was checking in on the Facebook group and getting replies and motivation from Simone and others challengers, By the end of the Challenge I had an overall feeling of being better, healthier, and empowered :) I would recommend this Challenge to anyone as it makes you think and take the time to seek a better life."

- Michele OConnell

"I loved having a daily focus and getting all of the 21 Day Challenge done as well as following all the daily tips. By the end of the 21 days I had a greater awareness about my health and also lost 2kg!"

- Rifany Arlianti

Sign Up Now for Just $21!

Get your health on track for just $1 a day!