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Introducing the Get Healthy App

Learn how to get healthy, happy and sexy in just 90 Days

This app is like having a health coach in your pocket! You will receive daily reminders, messages, recipes and healthy living tips straight to your phone.

The information you will learn in this app each day for 90 days provides a framework to live the life of your dreams that is rich in joy and nourishment, and offers practical information and actionable tools to create a strong foundation for optimal health.


“The biggest breakthrough was realizing how important it is to take care of our bodies. I received many examples of ways to make a healthy lifestyle fun with healthy snacks, exercises and recipes.”

Rifany Arlianti

If you want to feel amazing every day, be your ideal weight, fit into your skinny jeans, feel confident wearing your bikini, feel beautiful inside and out, have more energy, eat without guilt, overcome cravings, and have a renewed enthusiasm and balance in your life, then this app will help to get you onto the road to wellbeing success.

Get Healthy, Happy and Sexy in 90 Days

Following the easy steps provided each day will help you to lose weight,
get more energy, become more informed about your health and nutrition, and inspire and motivate you to stay on the path to health and happiness.

Learn how eating a natural, plant-based diet, doing regular movement and exercise, and developing a nourishing routine will help you to reach your ideal weight and a state of balance where you mind, body and soul are connected beautifully.

You will feel joy as your health improves, your outlook on life changes and you start to live your life optimally. You will learn how to overcome the hurdles and
challenges which can prevent you from having a balanced life in a way that
is fun, easy and do-able. 

 The Wellness Warung’s one-on-one Life Makeover health coaching program has been
adapted and repurposed into this app in order to reach out to more busy
women in the world who need guidance and support to lose weight, be and
stay healthy and to have a balanced life.

You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain with this FREE App

Lose Weight, Get More Energy, Be Inspired

Reach Your Diet and Lifestyle Goals With Ease

Be Supported to Live the Life of Your Dreams