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Healthy Food
These plans will help you hone in on what you need to eat and when. Just follow the plan and you will be ready to go wild in the kitchen. There are also blank templates included so you can start planning your own week too when you get more confident.

I recommend sticking them on the fridge so you are totally inspired to create delicious meals every day that will help to kickstart healthy eating habits.

These meal planners make eating well a breeze!

I designed these for you to take the stress out of meal times. By following my weekly plans, you will know exactly what to make each day, for breakfast, lunch and dinner (and snacks in between!)

You will know that each meal is nutritious, healthy, tasty, and easy. The anxiety and frustration will be no more, because you will be able to easily read your plans and recipes to know exactly what you need to make, and will even have a shopping list to follow for making all the recipes in that week. You will save time, stop the worry, and will be able to relax knowing that you don’t have to figure out meal times on your own anymore. 

With these nourishing, tasty, gluten-free and plant-based meal planners and recipes, there will be no more stress! at meal times!

Do  you want to eat healthier every day?

All recipes are gluten-free and plant-based

Be kind to your body and Earth by following these recipes that don't include any gluten or animal products. Eggs are used in some recipes but vegan substitutions are offered.

Easy to find ingredients, easy to follow recipes


Each recipe within the plan uses easily found ingredients and are simple to follow and quick to prepare. These plans are made with the busy family in mind. You are given everything you need to know to map out your meals.

Soba Noodles

Nutrititious and delicious meals for everyone


You won’t have to worry if you are getting enough of all the important nutrients, minerals and protein you need because each week provides a well-rounded and healthy plan with recipes that everyone will love.

With each plan you will get....

I know what it is like. You get home from a busy day at work, and the absolute last thing you feel like doing is figuring out what to cook for dinner.

You want something that will be quick, easy, and which everyone in the family will love. If it can be something healthy too, then that is a bonus!

The problem is, this rarely happens. More often than not you end up ordering delivery or making something that is not nutritious but which does the job of satisfying hunger.

You are starting to notice that eating this way day after day is taking its toll- not only on you and your family’s health, but also your finances and sanity.

That is where I come in with these life-saving planners to get you back on track!

• A nourishing and simple 7-day eating plan loaded with delicious and nutritious meals and snacks, that will help you to follow a gluten free and plant based diet that will leave you and your family feeling satisfied

• A shopping list which includes a list of all the ingredients you need to make all the meals

• A blank planner so you can check what items you will actually need to buy to stock your fridge and pantry

• Substitution tables for not using gluten and eggs in your diet should you wish

• The meal plans come in digital format only, as a PDF, which you can save to your computer, iPad and iPhone, making them super convenient.

Eeach plan is a small investment that offers great value for money. They are beautifully designed with pictures of many of the recipes included, which I find really helpful. I now actually look forward to getting into the kitchen each day!


- Linda,  the UK