60 Ways to Have More Fun

60 Ways to Have More Fun

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60 Ways to Have More Fun

Often when boredom and loneliness kick in, we end up turning to food to fill the void and to add some excitement into our otherwise dull lives. Breaking this cycle of turning to food for happiness and joy involves finding others ways to have fun in life and to feel good.

I was helping a client of mine recently to find ways of adding more fun and excitement into her life, but she was really struggling for ideas. So we brainstormed and together, came up with this list.

You will notice that this list is a mixture of things that are outright fun, as well as things that are enjoyable to do but which take a little discipline- the fun for these activities comes from the feel-good feeling you get afterwards from doing them.

If you want to inject more fun into your life, choose 5-8 things from this list and try doing at least one of those things every day to start feeling more joyful and fulfilled which are the keys to overall happiness and well-being.

This kind of self care is super important so that you show up in the world as the best person possible, and can start to spread more joy and happiness to all those around you.

60 Ways to Have More Fun:

  1. Take a bubble bath
  2. Dance like crazy to your favourite music
  3. Watch a movie at the cinema
  4. Start watching a new TV series (favourites of mine include Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, The Wire, True Blood and Dexter!)
  5. Make a cup of tea and really enjoy it (while doing nothing else)
  6. Watch funny Youtube videos (I can never get tired of seeing cats do silly things on film!)
  7. Plan a holiday (one of my favourite things to do!)
  8. Make a new music playlist to listen to at different moments (one for the treadmill, one for relaxing, one for driving, one for a friend…)
  9. Look up the lyrics to your favourite song and interpret the meaning and sing along while listening (how many times I’ve discovered I was singing the wrong words the whole time!)
  10. Get crafty- buy some stationery supplies and draw, paint or scrapbook (or vision board!)
  11. Get onto Pinterest and make some new inspiring boards
  12. Collect old photographs, ticket stubs, restaurant menus and other random knick-knacks, and make a scrapbook of your memories
  13. Look through old photos and scan your faves- consider adding witty or sentimental captions and sharing them with friends on Facebook
  14. Write a journal entry, or start a new journal
  15. Write a list of 100 things you want to do before the end of the year (inspired by my fave worksheet in the Life Planners by Leonie Dawson)
  16. Write a letter to someone you haven’t seen in a long time and post it
  17. Make a list of your goals for the next month or year
  18. Light candles, turn on music, and create the perfect mood to allow yourself to relax
  19. Get your nails done. Get a mani/pedi either at a salon or give yourself one at home
  20. Reorganize and redecorate your bedroom, or even just your knickers drawer
  21. Get design inspiration on Houzz to get ideas for new decorations for your place, to freshen things up
  22. Create a new color-coded filing system to organize your papers, or make a calendar and fill it in with all your plans for the next few months
  23. Learn a new skill- maybe try learning guitar or how to make pottery, or something  else random that you have always wanted to do
  24. Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while
  25. Email an old friend or relative
  26. Play a game on your phone (I am addicted to Candy Crush!)
  27. Go blog browsing and make the effort to leave a comment on a few new blogs
  28. Have a movie night with all your favorite movies watched in marathon mode
  29. Read a stack of fashion/gossip magazines back to back
  30. Take photographs. Try doing a 30 day challenge like this one by Fat Mum Slim
  31. Connect with your community by volunteering,  attending meetings in your area or even just visiting your neighbour
  32. Find a Meetup group in your area that interests you and join
  33. Try a new meditation from Omvana
  34. Attend a competitive, fast-paced sporting event
  35. Get a makeover done by a pro- go all out, with a new hairstyle and new clothes in a new style
  36. Browse courses on Udemy and choose one to do (many are free or very cheap!)
  37. Plan a fun outdoor or indoor adventure in your city that you can do on the next free weekend
  38. Try an unusual recipe. Cook something that you’ve never tried before
  39. Go to a comedy club
  40. Make a list of random acts of kindness for a friend or a complete stranger, and then do them
  41. Sit in the sun
  42. Play cards or a board game
  43. Mess around in the garden- start growing some herbs or plant some seeds
  44. Play with the cats (pets are great!)
  45. Mix up your regular exercise routine- do something different to what you normally do. (I love the 7 Minute Workout app!)
  46. Do a crossword or a Sudoku
  47. Make some Bit Strips for yourself and your friends
  48. Write a note for someone who has had a positive impact in your life and then give it to them
  49. Write a gratitude list for the day
  50. Buy some flowers and arrange them in vases around the house
  51. Think of 5 good things in your life and share your list with family or friends
  52. Research a new charity to support
  53. Learn to read tarot
  54. Try experimenting with different lipstick and eye shadow shades for fun
  55. Imagine you are tourist in your own city and plan an itinerary of things to do for a week
  56. Find out about cooking classes in your area and make the commitment to go
  57. Paint- especially if you have never done so before
  58. Organise a picnic with friends
  59. Read a trashy novel (or anything that you can get absorbed in and transported away for a while)
  60. Give yourself a facial

The whole idea around having fun is that you enjoy life. It doesn’t have to be so serious all the time, and doing things that light you up will help you to relax, feel fulfilled and to fill your cup with things that don’t always involve food.

An exciting life doesn’t happen to you-  you need to find ways to jazz up your life in small ways by shifting your perspective — and changing some of your daily actions.  Adding in some of these things will really help you to start taking inspired actions and to create a new and exciting outlook on life- woot!

  • Do you have any other ways to have more fun in life that you can add to this list?
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