How to Lose Weight Without Focusing on Food

How to Lose Weight Without Focusing on Food

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A lot of my lovely clients come to me because they want me to help them in losing weight and getting their diets on-track. However, as the weeks go by, they usually become increasingly surprised that we talk less about food and nutrition, and more about other aspects of their lifestyle aside from their diets.

You see, diet is only one very small part of the process that is involved with long-lasting weight loss. I have written before about why you need to get over the diet mentality  and why I don’t believe that diets work. Many people fail on diets because we are not one size fits all people, we all have our own unique bio-individuality, and we also need to learn to listen to what works for our bodies rather than follow a prescriptive plan that once finished, leave you feeling more confused than ever before.

“No foods are forbidden except when your body tells you so”

– Lima Ohsawa {Tweet That!}

In my work that I do, I get my clients to start tuning into the natural way their body works so that they can start to eat mindfully and according to what their unique body is telling them they need at any given time.

What my clients soon start to realize, is that it is actually all the other the stuff aside from the foods they eat that have an impact on their progress with weight loss. There are more important lifestyle factors, that when we delve into, have a far greater impact on how we feel, our self worth and what we decide to eat than anything else.

I call these our Soul Foods- the things we need to have in our lives in order to feel nourished. Too often, we turn to food for our nourishment, but it won’t matter how healthy your food is, or how balanced your meals are, if your soul foods are not being satisfied.

  • Soul Food #1 Relationships

Realtionships Soul Food

As humans, we need to have people in our lives. We also feel most worthy and loved when we have special relationships that we nurture, with people who make us feel good about ourselves. Relationships do not just mean those which are romantic in nature. It also includes your family, close friends and colleagues.

Think about it- when you have a healthy relationship with your partner, you feel supported, happy and whole. But the moment you get into a fight or things go rocky, then what happens to the way you feel? You might feel stressed, anxious, worried and lacking in self-esteem. And what is the first thing you will do? Probably turn to your comfort foods to fill the void or to make things better in your mind.

The same goes if you have a crappy relationship with your boss, or get into a disagreement with a close friend or with someone in your family. I encourage you to reach out to your loved ones, be sure to spend quality time with them regularly and tell them how much you love them.

Healthy relationships equal a healthy mind and soul which in turn equals you wanting to take care of yourself and to feed yourself well rather than bingeing. When you eat well, your body works well, and you will find it much easier to lose weight without even trying.

  • Soul Food #2 Life Purpose

Life Purpose

Do you know your life purpose, your passion, the thing that lights you up and makes you feel fulfilled and happy when you do it? If you don’t know this then it is likely you will find it hard to reach your health and weight loss goals.

You see, passion and purpose are essential for feeling overall well-being. If you are stuck in a job that sucks the life out of you, if you don’t get to play and pursue the things that make you feel happy, then you will inevitably turn to food to fill this void. You need to find the things that you love to do, and go about doing them with gusto, as often as possible.

Maybe you know your life purpose but are not going about following it- I encourage you to make the time to make it happen. When you are absorbed in doing something that you love, you won’t feel bored, and you will be less likely to reach for unhealthy foods to provide you with happiness and satisfaction.

If you don’t enjoy your job but you can’t just leave it, then I encourage you to find meaning in what you do- make your work something that you love to do, find positive things to focus on and go about your work with gusto and enthusiasm so you can make it more enjoyable and pleasurable.

If you can find your passion and purpose, your will feel alive and will want nothing more than to be strong and healthy so you can go about doing the things you love- which will mean eating well and looking after yourself.

  • Soul Food # 3 Rest and Relaxation

rest and relaxation soul food

We all need to have time out. We must give our body time to rest and relax or we will suffer the opposite- stress. It is crazy how much of a negative impact stress can have on our overall well-being.

Stress can impact how well you sleep, how well you metabolise and digest the food you eat and how you feel overall. In order to manage stress, you need to rest- meaning 7-8 hours of good quality sleep a night- and relax by doing things that do not take a strain on your mind.

Think watching your favourite TV show to wind down in the evening, reading a book, hanging out with your partner and not doing much at all, having some time in the sun, playing and generally having fun ( I have a great list here of ways to have more fun in life)

Don’t neglect your rest and relaxation if you want to lose weight and feel great.

  • Soul Food # 4 Movement

Movement soul food

The human body has been designed to move and we thrive when we do. You need to move your body every day in some way for about 2-30 minutes, and in doing so, you will start to feel amazing.

Movement stirs up the endorphins inside you, and these happy hormones help you to feel nourished. Moving your body also helps you to get in touch with the way your body moves and all its quirks.

Different exercise will result in different reactions in your body and I encourage you to mix up the way that you move so you can find what works best for you as well as to provide variety to your movements which your body will benefit from.

Movement should be about exactly that- getting physical and enjoying yourself. Don’t think about doing exercise because it will help to burn calories. Do it because it feels good!

To keep up good moving habits, you need to find a time of day that works best for you. Over the years I have exercised at all times of day and night to fit in with my schedule at that time. My current lunchtime movement sessions are really working well for me right now, but experiment to see what works for you.

You will find if you can get into a routine of moving in ways that make you feel good that you will feel nourished and satisfied with yourself and it will encourage weight loss too The more you do it, the more the body will crave it and the more benefits you’ll enjoy – so indulge in this life-enhancing habit as often as you can.

  • Soul Food # 5 Spirituality

Sprituality Soul Food

Finding a spiritual connection can be one of the most powerful ways that you can diminish your cravings for the superficial aspect of life, and to instead find a life with meaning. Too often we are looking for something, searching for why we are feeling less than whole.

Really, all this lack of fulfilment means is that we have not taken time to go within and find the inner spiritual connection. Deepening your spiritual practice is so powerful in so many ways and can help you to find inner harmony in a world where we are constantly surrounded by chaos and bombarded by noise and images from every direction.

When you have more depth in your life through a spiritual connection you will feel more nourished than you ever can by eating any amount of food. A spiritual practice can mean different things to different people. It can be a traditional prayer to God and visits to a place of worship, it can mean regular meditation (5-10 minutes every day is better than longer sessions just a few times a week or even more sporadically), or just increasing your awareness through spending time each day focussing on your breath and giving thanks.

Do whatever works for you to help give your mind space to become more connected with your life. In doing this, you can cope with stress, anxiety and other emotions more effectively and tune into the nuances of living in this world.

You will also be able to tap into your authentic self- something a lot of us have lost connection with in our busy lives.

By focusing your attention on these 5 Soul Foods rather than obsessing over food all the time you will start to feel more energy, more happiness and you will start to have a life and body that you are in love with. When you have more positive feelings than negative ones you won’t reach for foods that support the negative feelings such as cookies, processed foods and greasy burgers.

When you feel great, you will have a self-image that is strong and powerful and you will choose foods that support those beliefs like fresh fruits and savory vegetables. In other words, when you realize what positive things you bring to the world and how your purpose in this world is so important, your eating habits- and the weight- naturally shift.

  • What do you think about these soul foods? Which one(s) are lacking in your life right now?

In my upcoming program Get Healthy, Happy & Sexy which will be launching soon, we will explore these concepts in depth so that you can start to lose weight and fell great without feeling deprived or going on yet another diet! Stay tuned for all the details on how to join this program soon!

Get Healthy Happy Sexy  

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  1. […] From what I’ve learned in doing this work the last two years, bingeing is usually brought on when one or more of the soul foods are needing nourishment. Remember them? Just a quick recap, soul foods is the term I give to the really most important things in your life that need nourishing. They are relationships, spirituality, self-care/rest & relaxation, passion & purpose, and movement. I do a lot of work on these areas with my clients for the reasons I share in this post. […]

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