Is Your Relationship Making You Overweight?

Is Your Relationship Making You Overweight?

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Is Your Relationship Making You Overweight

Almost all of the clients who come to me in my health coaching practice want to lose weight. They are usually quite surprised, when after we have been working together for 3 or 6 months that we’ve only really talked about diet and nutrition for a small fraction of our time together.
Whilst diet is important, it is not the secret ingredient when it comes to losing weight. In my experience of working with over 40 women one-on-one in the past two years, shedding weight requires striking a balance between releasing toxic relationships while also nourishing what I call the soul foods of movement, relationships, passion and purpose, self-care, and spirituality.

Let me share with you some examples to really explain what I mean. One beautiful lady who I worked with for over 6 months, let’s call her Lisa, wanted to lose around 10kg. After coaching her through the necessary lifestyle changes- which she implemented diligently- and whilst helping her with cleaning up her diet- which she dutifully followed- we both expected to see shifts in her weight.

She became frustrated, whilst I was confused, when nothing seemed to happen even after months of making concerted lifestyle changes. Always being the vigilant health coach slash detective, I sent her off to her doctor to have her thyroid checked and to see if there were any hormonal imbalances that may have been contributing to the weight staying on despite her efforts.

The Effect of Toxic Relationships

The tests all came back normal, so I started to delve a little deeper. We had touched on her relationship on and off, but with a bit more digging it became apparent that things with her partner were not as rosy as she had been letting on.

In fact, the relationship was what I could only describe as toxic. She was not treated with respect, kindness or love, and it was literally weighing her down.

I’m not a relationships coach, but I can help women to build their self-worth and confidence, so this became the new direction I started heading in with Lisa. After working with her intensively on nourishing her soul foods and helping her to realise her own personal power, she eventually built up the courage to leave the relationship.

We continued working together, and I was as amazed as she was when within two months of leaving her man, the weight started to shift almost miraculously.

Being Weighed Down By The Relationship

How did this happen? The way I see it, we are more than just our bodies and our body systems. Our thoughts, values, beliefs and emotions also form a large part of our body’s metabolic system.

What this ultimately means is that the more free, happy and courageous you feel internally, the more easily the body can function the way it is meant to. This is because our mind, physical body and spirit are intricately entwined.

We need to embrace our life fully, tap into our inner happiness and tune into our passions while letting go of the gunk that is keeping us from being our full embodied self if we want to be healthy and strong.

Our weight and health issues cannot be cured by diet and exercise alone. Our heart, mind and soul can also heal the physical body. When we are aligned with our soul’s desires and living our life authentically, then we can also transform our physical body.

When we are in flow, which means all our soul foods are being nourished, then we feel comfortable in who we are, and are able to shed the worries- along with the weight.

Letting Go Of Toxic Relationships

This means letting go of the relationships that don’t serve you. They will just keep you weighted down with worry, anxiety and fear. This also means that it is of utmost important to surround yourself with nurturing and supportive relationships, and to be inspired by those people in your life who love you. Only then, when you are treated with respect and love, will you be excited and fulfilled each day.

The happier you are, the easier it is to follow a healthy lifestyle and to treat your body and mind with care and love. When your mind and spirit are light, then your body will reciprocate by metabolizing positively and keeping your physical body light and energized too.

If you have been trying to lose weight- without having much success despite trying everything- then do take a look at your relationships and see how they might be weighing you down and stopping you from being the fullest and most embodied version of yourself.

  • I am currently taking new clients for my 3-month life transformation program where we will work on a holistic level to improve your health and well-being so you can be the best version of yourself. Make a time to chat with me for a free session by clicking here.
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