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It can be really scary to step out of your comfort zone and to do something you have never done before. I totally get that! When you are a bit scared or unsure, it brings up heaps of questions, doubts and fears.

Doing a detox for the first time is certainly one of those things that might leave you feeling confused. You might be unsure about it all, and are currently sitting on the fence feeling hesitant about doing my upcoming Lighten Up Detox.

To help alleaviate some of these doubts, I want to address in this post some of the common questions I’ve been getting about the detox. Hopefully this covers most of the worries that might be on your mind!

  • Is this another diet?

Absolutely not! You might be looking for a new approach to healthy eating and weight loss but don’t want to be dragged into yet another diet that you worry you will fail in.

I don’t blame you! I’ve been suckered into many a diet in my time too.

However, I don’t believe in diets, calore counting etc and I don’t want the Lighten Up Detox to be another one of those programs out there that boast results, but require you to suffer through the process.

With my Lighten Up 7-Day Detox, I’m ready to show you how to transform your healthy habits, and never go back to the cycle of dieting. In this detox you will learn how to have a long-lasting relationship with food, and you will succeed through the extra support from me and the other participants, not like other fad diets out there.

  • Will I be hungry on the detox?

This question comes up a lot because we are all used to the deprivation that comes with dieting. This detox is not about putting you on a calorie restrictive diet. It is about feeding your body delicious, nourishing food that will satiate you. While you may feel a little hungry the first 2 days, you can always add in one of the filling snack options that are in your recipe guide.

  • Will I have to eat strange foods that I have never heard of before?

This detox is all about keeping it simple. Many of the foods will be familiar to you, but I will also introduce you to some new ingredients and recipes that will become favourites of yours even after the detox.

You will be able to pick and choose which foods and recipes you want to eat during the detox to create your own meal plan based on suggestion I will give you. You can stick with the foods you know, or you can choose to be a little adventurous and try something new. It’s totally up to you!

If you haven’t already downloaded my free 3-Day Detox recipes, then do so now. This will give you an idea of the kinds if recipes you will make while on the full detox.

  • What if I don’t have any fancy kitchen equipment?

You do need access to a kitchen, a stove top and a blender. But even if you do not have a blender, I can provide an alternative way of making that dish. The recipes on the detox can be made quickly and easily with the pots and pans you have in your kitchen. You won’t need to buy any new kitchen gadgets.

  • I’m on the go all of the time. Is a detox for me?

I am a busy worker and business owner, so I understand busy! I have designed this detox to work with a busy lifestyle. Most recipes take less than 30 minutes at most (usually less than this!) to prepare.

If you usually eat out or eat prepared foods, then yes, you will have to spend some extra time in the kitchen. However, in order to have a long-term healthy lifestyle, this is a good habit to start getting into.

You will receive your detox recipes and meal plan a few days before the detox starts on April 3rd, so you can go food shopping and do food prep the weekend before the detox starts.

I should also mention that this detox not only allows you to lose the weight, but it the first thing you will notice is a boost in your energy level. This means you’ll be more productive and have more energy for cooking, exercising, and taking care of yourself.

  • How long is the detox? Is 7 days really enough time to detox my body?

We will officially start going into the detox on April 3rd when I close registrations and send out all the detox materials, and will start the actual detox on April 7th.

I recommend starting a pre-detox from the time you sign up, meaning you start eliminating the foods you won’t be eating during the detox (sugar, gluten, soy products, alcohol) in preparation for the detox itself. I will email you more details about this upon registartion.

You can then do the detox phase for at least 5 days or up to 8 days. This is what I will be guiding you through.

Then is takes about 5 days to healthily come out of the detox (when you will start slowly reintroducing the foods you eliminated, adding in a food group each day).

This is plenty of time for your body to start eliminating toxins and for you to start experiencing the benefits. It is also a good amount of time for most people to fit into their lives without too much disruption. if you want to detox for longer because you are feeling so great, then that is totally fine! You will have enough recipes for up to 21 days of detox.

  • Why does it take so long to come out of the detox?

While you are on the detox you get will eat very clean and easily digestible food. It’s kind of a vacation for your intestinal tract, so that it can heal and rejuvenate itself. It is very important to slowly get your gut used to more complicated foods so that there will be no digestive upset as you return to your regular diet. It basiaclly minimises any side effects, which will differ from person to person depending on what your diet and health is like to start with.

Secondly, by adding one food group at a time per day, you get to really experience the effect each new food has on your digestive system and will be able to pinpoint which foods, if any, are giving you trouble. It is kind of like doing an elimintaion diet. It is through this tecjhnique that I discovered the allergins my body doesn’t like and which I now avoid.

  •  Will it be difficult to find the foods needed for the detox?

Not at all. All foods on the detox are quite ordinary: lemons, bananas, berries, avocados, leafy greens, lettuces, root vegetables … Things you will be able to find at any supermarket.

For Jakarta participants, I will also provide a list of places where you can buy health food products that might be a little tricklier to find.

  •  What if I can’t start the detox on April 7?

You can always start the detox a little later and do it in your own time. You could even start earlier, as I will be emailing all the instructions on April 2nd. The Facebook group is already active and you can join it from the time you register.  Should there be any questions that have not been answered in this group, then you may contact me directly by email, so that I can support you.

  •  Is it safe to continue with regular exercise routines during the detox?

Yes, especially if you have a regular routine that your body is used to. I do not recommend to do very strenuous exercises unless you do that on a daily basis anyway. Walking, swimming, yoga, pilates are good ways to keep your body moving during the detox

  •  I have never detoxed before – will it be difficult to do?

No. There is nothing complicated about the detox and it is suitable for novices as well as those who are more experienced in detoxing. The food is very tasty and satisfying, so you will not feel deprived at all. You can eat as much as you like and you will never go hungry while on the detox.

  • Do you have other questions about the detox and wonder if it is the right fit for you?

If you are still on the fenace about joing this awesome group of detoxers, I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below or email me and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible!

Don’t forget, the Early Bird pricing ends tonight at midnight Jakarta time.

Register TODAY and save $30!

Starts on April 7th 2014

Click here to register!

When you sign up for the detox you will receive step-by-step instructions on

  • Exactly what to do so there is no confusion
  • What to eat with clear guidelines and explanations
  • How to prepare your food with easy recipes and instructions
  • How to enhance your detox with non-food activities through pleasurable self-care tips and techniques
  • How to effortlessly transition into the detox by preparing body and mind
  • How to smoothly transition out of the detox so you can retain the benefits you will accomplish

Beginning a detox program may seem a little scary, especially if diets haven’t worked in the past. That’s why I’m going to give you daily support. I’ll be walking with you on your journey towards a healthy lifestyle where you will feel confident, empowered, and lighter!

I can’t wait! 

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