My Top 10 Pregnancy Products for a Happy & Healthy Pregnancy

My Top 10 Pregnancy Products for a Happy & Healthy Pregnancy

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Now that I am in my 8th month of pregnancy (32 weeks!) I am looking and feeling more and more pregnant with each day. It is still hard to believe that the arrival of my first baby is now a matter of weeks away. The time has flown by so quickly, though now that my belly is bigger, I am having to slow down, which helps time to also ease-up so I can enjoy and savour these last weeks of pregnancy.

This is a bit of a self-indulgent post that is really only relevant to my readers who are pregnant. But, I do want to share some of the products I have been using throughout my pregnancy that have helped to support me physically as well as emotionally through the major changes that have been taking place.

Perhaps if you are not pregnant yourself, you can pass this info on to women you know who are pregnant in the hope they find it useful 🙂

Pregnancy Pillow


This was one of my first maternity purchases and has been used since I hit about week 16. This giant pillow has been amazing for providing hip, back and belly support while sleeping on my side (I am usually a back sleeper). It is so comfy that I can see myself still using this post-pregnancy!

Miessence Belly and Breast Balm


I have been rubbing this luxurious lotion on my belly since very early on in my pregnancy, every morning and every night. Not only does it smell great but it absorbs really well into the skin. I haven’t experienced an itchy belly nor do I have any stretch marks, which I put down to using this balm (and maybe a bit of luck and good genes!).

Prenatal Vitamin- Rainbow Light


After doing a lot of research and trying a few different vegan-friendly prenatal vitamins, I found this one by Rainbow Light to be the best that I could get in Jakarta. It is food based, so didn’t make me feel sick after taking it like other ones I tried did. I like that in addition to all the essential macro and micro nutrients, this vitamin also contains probiotics and digestive enzymes. I order my supplies of this online from iHerb.



As I have followed a plant-based diet this whole pregnancy, I knew I had to supplement my DHA and EPA omegas that I wouldn’t be getting through food but which are super important for a growing baby (usually people get these from eating fish). I love this brand as it supplies all the daily required serving of omega-3s through the algae that fish eat, which is what provides the omegas that fish contains. This is a high quality supplement that comes from sustainable sources so I feel good in taking it. I also order this online from iHerb.

Yogi Tea


I love my herbal teas and my favourite brand is Yogi Tea. I have been taking their Mother to Be tea every morning. I am going to start drinking raspberry leaf tea now I am in the later stages of pregnancy, as recommended by my midwife, to help support and strengthen the uterus for delivery.

Coconut Oil


I love coconut oil not just for using in cooking but also for my body. I have been using this as a natural moisturiser for my arms, legs, boobs and belly and in my hair to help moisturise the dry ends.


I was never too much of a leggings girl before I became pregnant but wow, they are so comfy to wear now. I put them on under dresses that have become shorter now my belly is bigger and wear them around the house and for exercising and doing yoga in. I am a total convert!

Young Living Essential Oils


Always an essential oils lover, I have continued using these to support me in various ways through my pregnancy, There are some oils to avoid during pregnancy, but many are still perfectly safe. Lavender has been great for helping me to sleep at night time,  I have added a few drops of Gentle Baby to my belly balm every night, and I have been rolling Peace and Calming onto my wrists and behind my ears whenever I start to feel a bit stressed or emotional. I have also liked diffusing Grounding and Release to help with some of the emotional highs and lows I’ve experienced. Contact me to find out how to purchase essential oils yourself at wholesale prices.



I have tried to remain active as possible this pregnancy, doing walking on the treadmill and using the stationary bike, but I have found yoga to be the most grounding, comforting and enjoyable form of movement. I re-subscribed to YogaGlo a few months ago and loaded up on my iPad a heap of prenatal yoga classes of varying lengths so that I try and do a class every night (sometimes it is just 20 mins and other nights if I am feeling more energised I will choose a 60 minute class). YogagGlo is such a great resource and works out way cheaper and easier than trying to get to a studio, plus I can do the classes at any time that fits into my schedule right from home.

Dark Chocolate


Whilst I haven’t experienced any weird cravings, I have indulged in a LOT of dark chocolate (more than usual!) I figure that the antioxidants and feel-good substances that are found in good quality dark chocolate are not a bad thing, so most days I have a couple of squares after dinner and I just love it. I have also been using cacao powder in my chia puddings and smoothies, as well as snacked on cacao nibs along with nuts and seeds that I always have in my handbag. What can I say…I LOVE chocolate!

Chakra-Bola Necklace


I was gifted this very special bola necklace by Violet Gray designs for my birthday when I first announced my pregnancy and have worn it every day since. The idea behind it is that the bell in the ball lets out a small chime sound which has a calming effect on babies during pregnancy.

The pendant contains a small bell-like item that emits a subtle chime when rustled – very close to a tinkering wind chime.It’s believed that the soothing jingle will become familiar to the baby and may comfort, reassure and relax them while in the womb and after they’re born. The necklace also contains 14 chakra-aligned semi-precious stones- 7 stones on one side to represent and balance the baby and 7 stones on the other side for the Mother.

I just love my necklace as both an accessory and as a grounding and balancing tool. I have a very zen baby growing inside me and I cant help but wonder if that is partly to do with wearing this necklace every day 🙂

So there you have it, the things I have used throughout my pregnancy to help support me and bub. I have had a very health, happy, breezy, and enjoyable pregnancy and I feel blessed to have had this beautiful pregnancy experience. I know that pregnancy is not easy on all women, but I do wish healthy and pleasurable pregnancy experiences to all women out there who are expecting right now.

*In full disclosure, some of these links are affiliate links, meaning I may receive a small commission if you purchase the products yourself. This does not cost you anything, and I would never recommend anything that I don’t honestly use and love myself. 

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