Claire M Stade

I partook in 5 fabulous months of one on one coaching with Simone in 2014 and I reached my target health goal by 5 days. I lost 7.5 kgs and have lightened by ‘being’ on all levels . I replaced old habits and beliefs with inspiring new educational tools, tips, wisdom, invaluable support, love and enthusiasm by Simone. I now listen to my intuitive body in a new way and choose the foods and drink that serve me. With inviting in a new lifestyle change, 2015 has brought me new vibrance, action and continual manifestations of miracles just keep on occurring. Simone is amazing -thank you xx

Claire M Stade testimonial

 Amanda Stek

“I began working with Simone when I moved to Jakarta. I was overwhelmed with a new city, work schedule, culture, and pace of life. Simone allowed me to guide my own program as she worked with me to determine my main areas of need. My goal was not to lose weight or even to learn a new style of eating…my goal was to learn how to de-stress and relax in a healthy way.

Ultimately, food, exercise, and lifestyle all came up in our discussions and work together. It was a very holistic and positive experience. I came away from our coaching sessions rejuvenated, energized, and excited to try the new suggestions Simone offered. I now am eating a more healthy, plant-based diet, exercise regularly, and am better at leaving the office by 5!

I believe working with Simone to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle here in Jakarta was a critical part of these changes for me.”

 Chevy Machado

“Do you want to work with a health coach that sees you as a whole person, with a real life? Then look no further! Simone is an inspiring woman with a great sense of knowledge on how to lead a healthy lifestyle. From day 1 I felt extremely comfortable sharing with her my health issues. She is warm,very down to earth and truly makes you feel at ease.

Simone leads by example, her passion for health is contagious. She has taught me to listen to my body,and I now have become more aware of what my body is feeling and what it truly needs. I highly recommend Simone, she has made and will continue to make a difference in my life. Let her make a difference in yours!”

Pamela Jutsum

“I had discussions with you about the state of my health, and I got the impression that maybe I could improve it a bit. I didn’t actually feel that I was that unhealthy; however, I suffer very badly from anxiety, I have all my life, and this does impact upon my day-to-day living. You also noticed how this affects me, and that alone made me realize that perhaps my anxiety impacts upon other people as well, and the way that they interact with me.

So in starting coaching, I was mainly trying to explore ways to reduce my anxiety and stress levels. Yes, I had no idea what it involved; but because I had no idea it also interested me to explore it further. I think that this is an on-going process that didn’t just end when my course finished.

For me it has been a gradual thing, taking little steps rather than big ones. As I was probably too anxious to completely plunge into anything, it was more like tipping my toes into the water first I enjoyed exploring aspects of health and well-being that I didn’t even know existed before.

I have already recommended you to several people! I have explained how the whole holistic health thing works, and what it involves, and they have been very interested in it.

I think when embarking on a coaching program,  it is best to begin with a completely open mind, a blank slate, so to speak, and be willing to try all of the different exercises and various recommendations that are discussed during the sessions.

It’s not a ‘one size fits all’ sort of thing; the sessions are catered to individual needs so everybody’s impression will probably be different depending upon their requirements for a healthy lifestyle. As with everything in life, you get out of it what you put into it; but I think it is also important to remember that it involves all aspects of health, not just food and nutrition; this is only a small part of it, and at the end of the course the ‘trainees’ are given a multitude of information to use in the future to work towards continuing to shape healthy lives…for the rest  of their lives!”

 Teodora Schiop

“A few months back it was a very difficult time in my life and I was not sure about how should I handle it. I also wanted a fresh start from many points of view, including taking better care of myself. The reason that I actually chose you is mostly because I felt you are a very warm and open person that I would feel comfortable to discuss most aspects of my life.

I think there is no universal recipe for all of us and it is very important that we find a connection with the health coach. On the other hand I didn’t actually know what exactly to expect and I was intrigued and curious about this “experiment”.

I actually felt better and better after each session. Each session left me with something interesting to think about or to work on it – either the new healthy recipes or just focusing on overcoming new challenges like starting new sports or giving a speech. There were many moments of “the penny just dropped” 

I think one important breakthrough was when I realized that my compulsive eating (and not only that) is a result of an imbalance in other areas in my life.

For me the most helpful aspects of the sessions were learning to make healthier food choices and better lifestyle habits. I learned a lot about food and controlling cravings.

Another good session was when I realized that I can overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed by having smaller goals and “to do” lists.

I would recommend you to anyone who would like to know: (1) Where she/he is (2) Where she/he wants to be (3) How you can get there.

I feel like I became more confident during this sessions and this is a wonderful gift that doesn’t happened very often. Thank you Simone!”

Teodora schiop testimonial

 Rifany Arlianti

“I really wanted permanent weight loss change in my life.  I had been yoyo-ing for years and was confused about how to prepare myself nutritionally to conceive and have also have significant weight loss altogether.

Before, I thought we could do it (losing weight) by ourselves. However, it turns out that Simone’s sessions really helped me.

It opened up my wider knowledge of good, healthy food, and how to have a great life that balances. I also loved learning about how to prepare a green diet which all helped for a more permanent weight loss. 

We all need a support system. I felt the difference when Simone started to introduce me to green smoothies. I never knew that green smoothies can make me feel refreshed and that it helped in weight loss and they have a great taste too. I used to always prefer fruits instead of veggies, while now I love veggies too, thanks to Simone. 

The biggest breakthrough was realizing how important it is to take care of our bodies. Simone provided many examples and ways to keep fun and healthy food snacks and exercises and recipes.

Simone’s motivational support was most helpful, to be given a courage to not give up and keep on striving for the weight loss and healthy lifestyle. The recipes and knowledge of the 5 primary foods were also extremely useful.

I will recommend Simone to my friends, as we all need someone to give the extra courage, because what happens is that it is often temporary and when you go down like fail in your diet, you may give up the diet altogether. We need to keep looking up up and always look at the positive aspects. So having a health coach is really good, especially if you want a permanent change in your eating lifestyle and want to have a healthy lifestyle because sometimes knowledge is not enough, you need a support partner to help you go through it.”

Fany Arlianti Testimonial

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