Soul Body Session

Soul Body Session

It’s your least favorite part of the day…you’re out of bed, standing in front of the mirror and trying to figure out what to wear. But you’re frustrated! All your clothes tug and pull in the wrong spots and let’s be honest: A “new” outfit isn’t the solution to your problem.

You’re ready for a BIGGER change (and a smaller waist)

You’re ready to FEEL confident and LOOK better!

That’s where I come in. I’m a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach and I’m here to help you create an actionable plan to bring the sexy back. I’m not just talking about your body either. Feeling SEXY is a trifecta of physical, emotional and mental well being rooted deep at your soul-level.

STOP trying to do this on your own or with some fad diet book!

It’s time to create healthy habits that are sustainable and completely synced with your soul… so that losing weight doesn’t leave you feeling deprived or guilty.

  • Learn simple yet effective tools that will give you vitality and help you to lose weight (without dieting) so you WON’T feel deprived
  • Create a clear plan for what your perfect life looks like so that you will have a roadmap to your soul desires
  • Get crystal clear on how to create new (long-lasting) healthy habits so you stay on the wagon and live a happy and vibrant life
  • Learn how to adopt delicious practices in your life that will boost your metabolism and light you up so you can get out of this rut and into a state of energy and wellbeing
  • Reduce cravings, bloating and sluggishness for good so you can fit into your favourite outfits and feel confident in the clothes you are wearing
  • An illuminating pre-session questionnaire to be filled out prior to your consultation to identify the areas we will cover during our first consultation (this alone can trigger some a-HA moments!)
  • 1 x 90 minute coaching sessions via Skype, so we can get results, fast
  • A step-by-step plan so you can start taking immediate action to having a slimmer, healthier body
  • Priority email support for 7 days after your consult so you know that I have your back at all times to answer questions and keep you feeling motivated
  • Each session is completely individual and tailored specifically for you and your unique needs

Your 90 Minute Soul Body Sesssion investment is $150

Praise from Arnieta Monisha


Before I had my Soul Body Session with Simone, I felt confused about what was the major problem for me. I felt overly sensitive, my mind was filled with noise, and I felt overwhelmingly stressed- either I knew I was stressed or I felt like a stressful situation was about to strike me down at any moment.

During our 90 minute session together, Simone helped to guide me step-by-step so I could more clearly see what my blocks, problems and emotional concerns were. One by one, I could feel the confusion, mood and heaviness I felt inside slowly lift. While I know that this one session would not completely fix me, I knew that I was making progress and I got the clarity that I wanted.

I now have a clear plan for managing the stress in my life, even with my stressful and challenging job. I know that this important for me to be able to lose the weight I want to lose. I am going to focus on my self-care and self- healing using the steps Simone gave me so I can find my glow again.

I highly recommend hiring Simone and joining her Soul Body Session. She will help to guide you to feel and look inside yourself and really understand your issues so you can start to work on them with a clear plan in place for how to do that. Thank you Simone!

Being healthy leads to more confidence and more confidence leads to more success in life.

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Worried this package isn’t right for you?

This package is perfect for action-taking women who already have some idea of healthy nutrition, but are really struggling in their relationship with food and their body AND who want to lose about 5kg without trying another diet, but instead by learning how to nourish themselves at a soul level.

Ready to take the next step?

Your 90 Minute Soul Body Session investment is $150



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