Soul Food Sessions- 90 Days Coaching Package

Soul Food Sessions

Over the space of 90 days, we will work together  so you can achieve mind and body freedom by delving deep into your soul foods. I will help you to uncover what needs to be nourished so you can reaching your health goals and have the body and life your soul deeply desires.

This program is great for women who already have a basic understanding of nutrition and really want to do the deep personal growth work needed to nurture and nourish your soul desires so you can begin to lose weight, control your cravings, and feel free from the need to diet and be deprived.

  • Set and accomplish goals in a way that is empowering and exciting by nurturing your soul foods
  • Experience improved joy and satisfaction in your career, education, personal relationships, finances, spirituality, and fitness
  • Work to achieve and maintain your ideal weight by enjoying life at the soul level rather than following a restrictive diet
  • Understand and reduce your cravings and emotional eating patterns easily and effectively because you finally enjoy your life
  • Increase your energy levels and love for life
  • Get you feeling great in your body and feel happiness from the inside out
  • Improve your personal relationships and go deep in your own personal growth
  • Increase your confidence and belief in yourself so you are motivated to live life to the fullest
  • Get you feeling more passionate, creative,  abundant and free- what your body wants to experience at a soul level
  • Make gentle, lifelong changes that enable you to realise your intentions for your health and life

Other results you may get include:

  • Ending self-sabotage for good
  • Improved digestion, better skin, and stronger nails and hair
  • A renewed interest in cooking at home, which will save you money (and your health!)
  • A love of daily movement and/or exercise
  • Glowing from inside out
  • The end to niggling health concerns
  • Making healthy choices every day all the time, without feeling deprived
  • 12 x 50 minute phone or Skype sessions, held every week for 3 months (90 days) when I will provide you with coaching, motivation and support to help you make the dietary and lifestyle changes you want
  • Access to the private Facebook group Soul Food Seekers which is dedicated to my private one-on-one clients to engage and get extra support from one another
  • Simple but informative handouts, worksheets, quizzes, evaluations and questionnaires that will increase your nutrition knowledge and awareness of the mind-body-soul connection
  • Personalized diet, health and lifestyle recommendations specific to your needs dependent on the soul foods you need to nourish
  • Defined action steps to keep you accountable between each weekly call
  • Email contact between sessions to answer questions or alleviate any concerns that might arise
  • 1 x 20 minute emergency call or SMS every month in the event you need extra support on any issue that arises
  • BONUS: Specially selected packages in the mail every month
  • BONUS: Recipes that are healthy and simple to prepare with a new meal plan and shopping list sent every week

This coaching package is NOT for:

  • Slackers or people who aren’t prepared to do the difficult work required to go deep
  • Women who want instant results without doing the hard yards first
  • People with a closed mind or who are not willing to try new approaches to get results
  • Whingers, whiners and women who are not open to change

The cost for this intimate and intensive 90-Day Soul Foods Session coaching package is $500 per month (I offer a 10% discount for people who pay in full).

I'd love to talk with you before you commit so we can make sure we are a good fit!


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