Total Life Transformation Program

8 Weeks to Totally Transform Your Physical Health, Emotional Well-Being and Mental Clarity!

Kick Off Your 2014 With a Bang!

Turbo-charge your 2014 New Year’s Resolutions in 8 Powerful Weeks!

In 2014, do you want to…

Achieve your optimal weight and have a body you love- without yet another restrictive diet that does not deliver lasting results?
Finally end your battle with sugar and coffee- using strategies that get to the root cause of your cravings so it ceases to be a constant struggle you can’t win?
Have ALL the energy to juggle your responsibilities and still have a full tank to pursue your passion?
Have the mental clarity that will bring you focus, efficiency and productivity?
Attain emotional balance so you (and your relationships) are no longer held back by mood swings and bouts of depressions and/or anxiety?

Have less stress and more rest so you can enjoy every moment of your life?

You really CAN have all this in just 8 weeks!

No dieting, no calorie counting, no time-sucking routines, no rabbit food forever- really! I will show you how to make incremental changes that will lead to impactful, long-lasting results. I will show you how to pull the right levers to achieve your health and wellness goals. Read on to find out what you will get when you join me for this life-changing experience, or listen to the free training call to learn more!

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**Introducing The Total Life Transformaton Program**

Module #1: Feel Great , Lose Weight-

    Get to Your Happy Weight Without Dieting

In the first two weeks of this program we will get to the bottom of what is really required to experience long-lasting weight loss.

Topics covered will include:

  • 15 things you can do right now to drop kilos without even thinking about calories
  • Understand the weight loss challenges faced by our society so you don’t fall into the same fat trap
  •  In-depth look at how seemingly unrelated areas in our lifestyle are majorly affecting your weight
  • Plus, the secret of losing the LAST 5 KILOS – revealed!

Module #2: Beat the Sugar Blues

Kick the Sugar Habit in 14 Days!


Our journey into a healthy lifestyle will continue in weeks 3-4 when we will explore all things sugar, so that you can easily kick the habit.  

Topics covered will include:

  • The physical and emotional causes behind sugar cravings and the ways to overcome them once and for all
  • How to use food and nutrition to curb sugar cravings
  • Where to identify the hidden sources of sugar so you don’t sabotage your progress
  • Understand sugar substitutes and their pros and cons so you can make healthy choices

Module #3: Live It Up-

Relieve Depression, Anxiety and Mood Issues with Holistic Nutrition


During weeks 4-6 we will explore moods and how they can affect not only how your feel, but the way you look inside and out.  

Topics covered will include:

  • An overview of depression, anxiety and mood swings and how they’re negatively influencing you and your ability to live a full and happy life
  • The personal risk factors that lead to mood issues- and how to avoid them
  • 3 nutritionally-related reasons behind mood swings, depressions and anxiety
  • 6 simple ways to use nutrition to regulate mood and improve your interpersonal relationships

Module #4: Release and Relaxation-

Stress, Rest and Movement


During weeks 6-8 we will the negative impact that stress is having on  your life and find ways that you can better manage daily stress for your overall health and well-being.  

Topics covered will include:

  • The basics of stress- what it is and the surprising ways you are affected by it physically and emotionally
  • The importance of understanding and relieving insomnia
  • How to effectively use food, herbs and supplements to aid stress management
  • How to find the movement and exercise routine that is right for you
  • 6 simple ways to use nutrition to regulate mood and improve your interpersonal relationships

In addition to these modules which will be released every two weeks during the program, you will also receive these three bonus modules.

Bonus Module: Feel Alive and Energised- Nutrition for Energy and Mental Clarity


You will receive this bonus home-study module early so you can get  started on your Total Life Transformation, without having to wait until  the main program modules commence.                   

In this bonus module, you will learn:

  • The three basic concepts that affect energy levels so you can better control them in your life
  • How to eat for sustained energy that will last all day
  • Use the right foods and herbs to strengthen and nourish the nervous system
  • Lower the body’s toxic load so more energy can be spent on other things that matter in your life

Bonus Module: Putting it All Together- Bio-individuality and You


After completing the main four modules of the program, you will  receive a special workbook that will help you to understand better  your own bio-individuality and how you can best work with your own body type and its needs.                  

In this bonus module, you will learn:

  • What is the concept of Bio-Individuality
  • How to fine tune your diet with metabolic typing
  • How to eat right for your blood type
  • Learn the basics of the Ayuervedic doshas to dial in your nutrition

Bonus: Spring Forward Home Study Detox Program

Call me crazy, but because I want you to get the best results and ultimate value out of this program, I am also throwing in my popular Spring Forward Detox Home Study Program as part of this Total Life Transformation.  

You will receive this module upon registration so you can start learning right away about the importance of detox and how to implement a safe and effective detox.               

This detox program includes:

  • Recipes and Meal Plans
  • MP3s that outline in detail what to expect before, during and after the detox
  • Extra e-guides to help support your detox program
     “I have now become more aware of what my
          body is feeling and what it truly needs.”

If you want to work with a health coach that sees you as a whole person, with a   real life? Than look no further! Simone is an inspiring woman with a great sense of knowledge on how to lead a healthy lifestyle. From Day 1, I felt extremely comfortable sharing with her my health issues. She is warm,very down to earth and truly makes you feel at ease. 

Simone leads by example, her passion for health is contagious. She has taught me to listen to my body, an I now have become more aware of what my body is feeling and what it truly needs. I highly recommend Simone, she has made and will continue to make a difference in my life. Let her make a difference in yours! 

                                                                         – Chevy Machadio, Jakarta, Indonesia

Early Action Bonuses!

To reward those who are committed to taking action, you will get these two early-action bonuses if you sign up for this program before December 21st, 2013. These bonuses alone are worth half of the total cost of the already super affordable and value-packed 8-week program.

Bonus #1

For the first 5 people who sign up for the Total Life Transformation Program, you will get a 1-on-1 private laser coaching call with me, that can be taken at any time during the 8-week program. This is valued at $75, and it is your free if you are one of the first 5 to register.

Bonus #2

For everyone who signs up for the program before midnight on December 21, you will receive a $50 discount on the total cost of the program. You will get the 8 weeks of content, calls and coaching support for $237 when you register before the 21st December. This pilot program’s price will be $287 after December 21.

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“Now I know what are the best foods for my body!”
  Simone really helped me with better understanding the nutrition information I 
  need to be healthy. Before I knew her, I never felt confident to go into the
  kitchen, but now I know what are the best foods for my body & I can also
  prepare good food for my family…making healthy food is so easy with her
                                                                            -Mira Kamaditya, Jakarta, Indonesia


This program has been designed to be a synergistic blend of home-study modules, live Q&A + laser group coaching calls, and group support (via a secret Facebook group). You will be able to learn at your own pace, while having the support to help you get unstuck, have your questions answered and a group of like-minded people to cheer you along.

In this program you will get…

The Total Life Transformation Program represents excellent value. It is less than a coffee a day from Starbucks and a fraction of the cost for getting one-on-one coaching from me for 8 weeks.
4 x home study modules which include mp3 audios, full transcripts, handouts and worksheets ($87 value each, total value is $348)
5 x live Q&A and laser coaching calls for asking questions and getting personalised coaching from me. These will be recorded for future reference as well as in case you can’t make a call live. ($75 value each, total value $375)
8 weeks of virtual support via the secret Facebook group which includes weekly office hours and regular Q&A (priceless!)
All future updates and surprise bonuses as this program evolves!

Plus these bonuses:

2 x bonus modules one that you will get access to right away upon registering, the other at the end of the program ($87 value each, $247 value total)

The Spring Forward Home Study Detox Program which you can access immediately upon registering ($69 value)

The total value of this program far exceeds $1000, and you will only be paying a fraction of this!

How it will work….

Every other week, a study module will be released in the format of an mp3 audio recording, a full transcript, and a set of handouts to equip you with the resources, tools and knowledge to take action.

In between the release of the fortnightly modules, we will have one live group Q&A and laser-coaching call to discuss the content of the last module, answer any questions, and do a few laser-coaching mini-sessions for whoever puts up their hand, to make sure you are set up for success. All the calls will be recorded, so you won’t miss a thing, even if you can’t fit all of them into your schedule.

Here is the program schedule:

  • Sunday 12 January, 2014: Goal Setting and Program Kick-Off Call

  • Monday 13 January, 2014: Module #1 Feel Great, Lose Weight Released

  • Monday 20 January, 2014: Live Q&A + Laser Coaching Call #1

  • Monday 27 January, 2014: Module # 2 Beat the Sugar Blues Released

  • Monday 3 February, 2014: Live Q&A + Laser Coaching Call #2

  • Monday 10 February, 2014: Module #3 Live It Up Released

  • Monday 17 February 2014: Live Q&A + Laser Coaching Call #3

  • Monday 24 February 2014: Module #4 Release and Relaxation Released

  • Monday 3 March 2014: Final Live Q&A + Laser Coaching Call #4

  • Sunday 9 March 2014: Bonus Module Putting it All Together Released

All group coaching calls will take place at 6pm Jakarta time (WIB)

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“The most helpful aspects of the sessions were learning to make healthier food choices and better lifestyle habits”
 I actually felt better and better after each session. Each session left me with
 something interesting to think about or to work on it – either the new healthy
 recipes or just focusing on overcoming new challenges like starting new sports or
 giving a speech. There were many moments of “the penny just dropped” I think
 one important breakthrough was when I realized that my compulsive eating
 (and not only that) is a result of an imbalance in other areas in my life. For me the
 most helpful aspects of the sessions were learning to make healthier food
 choices and better lifestyle habits. I learned a lot about food and controlling
                                                                             -Teodora Schiop, Jakarta, Indonesia

Are you ready to rock 2014?!

I am offering this pilot program at a super low investment because I want everyone to be able to join me in taking massive action toward their health and well-being in 2014. I don’t want there to be any excuses for not being able to really make 2014 the year that your health completely transforms your entire life. The total investment for this program, which includes 8 weeks of amazing content and coaching, is $287. However, if you sign up to join before the 21st December, your total investment will be just $237- a $50 saving!

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I truly believe in the quality of the content that I will be sharing, the power of coaching and the transformation that can occur with support and accountability. I trust in this product unequivocally, and am backing it up with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

14 Day No-Risk Money Back Guarantee…

If, for any reason, you don’t think this program is right for you after you have reviewed the first home-study module and attended live the first coaching call, simply send me an email before the second module is released on 27 January, along with one reason why this program is not working for you, and I will give you a full refund out of my pocket. You can keep everything you have received, and test drive this awesome program at no risk to you.

P.S. Are you ready to finally make your New Year’s Resolutions a reality in 2014? How much is having a slim figure, more energy to do the things you love and the lifestyle you have always wanted to enjoy worth to you? Are you ready for a better version of you so that you can be the best version of yourself for you and your loved ones?

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