10 Unusual Gifts to Add to Your Christmas Wish List

10 Unusual Gifts to Add to Your Christmas Wish List

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I’m actually not the hugest fan of Christmas- there, I’ve said it. It is just so hyped-up and commercialised and it is the time of year that really stresses a lot of people out, especially me. I love the end of the year though, because it is a time when my husband and I take two weeks off to spend time together travelling somewhere new and exciting. This will be our fourth year of following this tradition of ours which is not to do with Christmas trees and gift giving, but more to do with reflecting on the year that was, relaxing ad exploring the things we love and welcoming in the new year in a memorable way in an unforgettable place.

That said, I know that this is the time of year for giving, and that sometimes it can be really hard to know what to get someone. I recommend always asking if there is something that your loved ones want- that way you don’t end up wasting your money on something they don’t really want or need. If you do ask and they don’t really know, think about whether there might be an experience they would enjoy having- such as a spa voucher or a course where they can learn to do something new. God knows most of us don’t need more STUFF, right?

If YOU are stuck for knowing what to ask for from Santa this year, then maybe these suggestions will give you some ideas. These are things I know that I would love to receive if I didn’t already have them, so each of these gift and wish list ideas come highly recommended.

1. Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living essential oils are a massive part of my life and I use them every day directly on my skin, in a diffuser or added to my water and tea. Oils can be used to help reduce stress, improve sleep quality, and to build a healthy immune system, among even more specific uses for various ailments. They are nature’s pharmacy plus they smell divine!

There are so many oils to choose from, but Young Living has created a Holiday Catalogue which has some good gift selections. If you want to order, you can either buy retail or wholesale. If you want to buy at wholesale prices, then contact me to find out how to become a member and to save on your purchases

2. Miessence


What woman out there doesn’t love having lovely skincare to use? I am a massive advocate for using products that are organic and natural, because everything we put into our skin absorbs into our body and a LOT of the regular products out there contain LOTS of chemicals. I definitely don’t want those going into my body and causing me harm!
I use and love pretty much the entire range of Miessence products.

You can order the non-toxic skincare, haircare, home care and cosmetics from anywhere in the world and your products will be shipped to you within days. You might like to purchase the Geranium Cleansing Bars (they come in these cute exfoliator pouches) or the Christmas Scented Massage Oil as gifts or package together a few items that you know your mum, sister, aunt or friend would love. Check out the full range of products here: https://www.miessence.com/simonesamuels/en/

3. Danielle LaPorte Day Planner


I’ve bought this day planner to use next year but it is unlike any other you have seen before. This planner is regular goal setting with a twist, focussing on your core desired feelings and how you can activate them every day to live your life on your soul’s purpose. I can’t wait to start making this a daily habit and I am sure if you have a friend or family member who is into goal-setting then this gift would make them super happy. The other cool stuff in Danielle LaPorte’s shop such as the Truth Bomb Deck are also worth checking out for you or a friend!

4. Meditate For Ever by Lacey Haynes

I purchased this Meditate 4Ever Party Pack a while ago and have made the meditations in the pack part of my daily practice. They are short and snappy and effective and fun. Great for that loved one in your life who has been talking about getting into meditation but not really knowing where to start. She will really appreciate this gift!

5. Amanda Starr Lariat Necklace

I adore my lariat necklace that was handmade by Amanda Starr. Each of her necklaces is completely unique and feature jewels, vintage elements and crystals. I feel amazing whenever I wear the necklace and I am sure it is the energy from the jewels and crystals.

6. Yum Universe Cookbook

My favourite new cookbook purchase for the year was one that I anticipated for a while. Yumuniverse: Infinite Possibilities for a Gluten-Free, Plant-Powerful, Whole-Food Lifestyle!  has been written by Heather Crosby whio runs an amazing website called Yum Universe. Her cookbook is perfect for any friend who is curious about following a healthy, plant based diet. It includes all the information anyone could ever need from setting up the kitchen to knowing what food to buy and how to store it and use it. There are heaps of yummy recipes all beautifully photographed too.

7. Big Tree Farms Wonder Chocolate

Umm…who doesn’t live chocolate? Why not gift someone you care about the real stuff rather than all the processed fakey chocolate from the shops? Big Tree Farms chocolate is all organic and raw cold pressed making it healthy as well as delicious! It is all produced on Bali Island and the company supports sustainable farming practices which I just love about the Big Tree farms brand. I have a small supply of these available for sale in my shop. Order them this week so that you get them in time before I head off on holidays next week!

8. Leonie Dawson’s Workbook and Planner


I bought my sister one of these workbooks and she LOVES it, so this is a great gift for a sister or a close friend or even a niece. I personally have used these planners for the past 5 years- they are something that I do while I am on my end-of-year break as a way to start mapping out the year ahead. They are bright and colourful and fun to use and are an inexpensive present that will do good too!

9. Denise Duffield Thomas’ Manifesting Course Christmas Bundle


This might be a good one to put on you OWN wish-list and could help you to manifest some extra money for over the holiday season. I have been a part of Denise’s Money Bootcamp since its conception and have found it to be one of the most inspiring and useful groups to be a part of in terms of finances and money. She has put together this bundle for Christmas which is excellent value at just $97 and will give you some great tools to improve your money mojo and to start manifesting more abundance into your life.

10. Kiva Gift Voucher


If none of these ideas inspire you then you can’t go wrong with a Kiva gift voucher. One of my charities of chouce because it helps peopel in developed countried through micro-financing, and everybody I know who has received a voucher from Kive from me has loved choosing the person they are going to help and receiving their loan repayments to then re-invest again in helping another. It is the true gift that keeps on giving and giving.

This is quite an eclective mix of crunchy gift ideas that I hope you have some inspiration from for either your own wishlist or to fulfil the wishlist of some others who you love.

I wish you a happy and safe holidays!

  • I’d love to know what gifts you are excited about giving over the holidays (if that is your thing!)
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