Why You Need to Eat With Conscience to Be Healthy and Happy

Why You Need to Eat With Conscience to Be Healthy and Happy

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Eat With Conscience to be Healthhy and Happy
I truly believe that there is more to eating well and being healthy than knowing about the different food groups and what foods to eat to keep your body well nourished. It is also important to understand about how to eat with conscience in order to get the full benefit from the foods you eat.

Eating with conscience means eating and preparing food in a way that feeds your spirit and lights your fire. It is different to just eating whatever you can find in the cupboard and cooking it in whatever way that will be quick and easy and edible.

Food & Energy

You see, food takes on the energy we place upon it. This means that food preparation and eating food should be an experience- and when it is, that is when you eat with conscience. It is also about making choices that amplify rather than diminish your overall health.

When you cook consciously you have a spiritual mindset where you are thinking about who the food is being cooked for and you really pour love and hope and courage and passion and faith into the food while cooking it- and those intentions then go into the food you eat.

This is why I am a huge advocate of home cooked food. It doesn’t matter how fancy the restaurant is that you are eating at, the energy that is put into making that food is never going to be the same as food that you prepare yourself at home. When you prepare a meal for your family or for friends, you also offer that food in a divine way and you sanctify the meal much more than food that is slopped together in a big, busy industrial kitchen.

I experienced this myself over the weekend. It was quite busy and my hubby and I ended up eating out a lot more than usual. Whilst we made the healthiest possible choices for our meals, by the end of the weekend I felt tired and blah and really craving food made by myself in my kitchen.

Another example- think about how great your mum’s home cooked food is? Why does it taste so good? Because your mum has prepared that food with love and good intention. And not only does food prepared with love and good intention taste better- but it is better for you too. You assimilate more of the goodness from the food and feel better afterwards, right?

Keep a Food Diary

Still don’t believe me about our food containing a vibrational energy? I encourage you to keep a food diary for a week and record how eating certain foods affect you. Use the journal to track your energy and overall well-being, your attitude, your health, as well as how you cooked things and what specific foods you cooked and start to notice some interesting connections.
You might find that if you made dinner in a hurry and angrily that afterwards you got indigestion and still felt hungry. This sort of thing happens when you haven’t nourished yourself properly because not all of the powerful life force energy contained within the food has gone into the body.

Eat with Intention

This is where eating with intention comes into play. Eat and cook with good, loving intention and this will permeate into every aspect of nutrition. Embrace and honour the ingredients and meals you make while also practicing mindful eating and being present with the food as you eat it.

Try using affirmations like these as you shop for ingredients, prepare your food, eat your food and then present your food to others.

  • I intend for this food to be nourishing to my body
  • I intend for this food to fuel my soul and body and feed me in a big way
  • I intend for this food to quench my hunger and to nourish the bodies of the people who consume it

With these intentions we can seriously impact the spiritual essence of the food and it helps to make eating and assimilating the food a positive experience.

Eating Ethically

As well as the energetic aspect of conscious eating, there is also the ethical. There are a few things you need to think about in order to eat food in a conscious way that is also ethical:

  1. Be aware of everything that goes into your food- hormones, toxins, chemicals all lurk in conventional produce so you need to beware of how they might have a negative affect on your health.
  2. Make choices that have a positive ripple effect on the food supply. Try to support sustainable agriculture and make food choices which support that. You can’t live consciously while supporting farming methods that are eroding the earth and damaging the planet. Instead, support community agriculture and local farms where you can buy the produce. Buying local is way more ethical than importing from other countries and adding to the amount of fuel burned in transport.
  3. Support fair trade so that farmers get fair prices for the food they sell.
  4. Eliminate animal products from your diet- being a vegan or vegetarian means food doesn’t come from animal labour or causing animals to be treated poorly, abused or to suffer up until the time they are put to death. Not eating animals means you will also vibrate at a higher frequency and showing this kind of compassion towards animals will make you more compassionate to other humans and the planet (this is what I have found as a vegan, anyway!). My husband’s grandfather who was a well-known spiritual healer in Indonesia and he was a vegan because he didn’t want the souls of animals and that negative energy being in his body as it would affect his healing work.There really is a difference in how you feel when you don’t consume animal products.
  5. If you do eat animals, don’t buy from factory farms where animals suffer their entire lives. Seriously, if you want to live a spiritually driven life and to embrace all of us and to live a life of freedom and permanent change, then you need to be aware of every living being on this planet. So insist on only eating animal products from sources where the animals are raised ethically.
  6. Try to buy ingredients locally as much as possible. Not only does this reduce transport costs and the negative environmental impact that goes along with transporting from long distances, but it means fewer people are handling your food. The Localvore Food Movement encourages people to eat food that comes from within a 100 km radius as much as possible and to eat according to the seasons.
  7. Grow your own food and really connect with the food chain from see through to harvest. It can be as simple as growing tomatoes in a pot, herbs on your windowsill, and sprouts in jars. Food grown yourself will definitely nourish your body more than any other food you buy.

What all of this comes down to, is that you really should eat and cook consciously by choosing and preparing food with love, approaching it with appreciation, respect and gratitude, and to eat mindfully and with presence so that it nourishes every cell of your body and to help you to vibe from a higher frequency. Who doesn’t want to feel that way? I know I sure do!

  • How do you feel about conscious eating and ethical eating practices? Do you follow them? What can you do this week to start eating more consciously?
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