Why You Need to Stop the Quest for Perfection

Why You Need to Stop the Quest for Perfection

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Stop the Quest for Perfection

Whether it is a symptom of society today, or the effects of the media, or just our own personality type, it seems to me that the quest for perfection has become like a drug.

It has struck me lately, in observations of friends, colleagues and other entrepreneurs that there is this desire to be perfect in all aspects of our lives.

Everyone seems to be aiming to have the perfect body (whatever that happens to look like), be the perfect partner (whatever that means), in the most perfect and ideal relationship (from the eyes of the outsider looking in), with the most perfect family (hello Brady bunch!) who eat the most perfect diet (no junk food EVER!).

This is a message that is definitely reiterated by the media- from magazine headlines about the rich and famous, and advertisements where images of models (the ultimate in perfect bodied people) are flaunted in our faces. It is actually no wonder that this idea of perfection is one that we are latching onto, clinging to, desiring so much.

You know what I say to that? Screw it.

Yup! Screw trying to be the most perfect, flawless person, the superwoman mum who can do it all, the healthiest person in the world who never slips up, with the most perfectly tight and toned body, and the most successful worker or entrepreneur who never makes mistakes and makes the right decisions all the time.

Stop all this striving and pushing right now. It is pointless, because what the hell does being perfect even mean, anyway?

Does it mean that you will be happy and whole at last? I don’t think so. Actually, working so hard to reach a state where you have the perfect body, run the perfect household like a perfect mum, and make no mistakes in your life and biz would take so much effort and energy, along with anxiety and stress, that it will probably just lead to burnout,exhaustion and utter disappointment.

I actually fail to see what anyone accomplishes by reaching perfection (and if it is even possible anyway).

I also don’t even know what perfection truly means. It is an idea that really, is different for everyone. What I consider to be the perfect body for example is different to what another person does. What I consider to be success is probably completely different to you. Having it all and running a perfectly tight home, well, I bet there is a different version of that for everyone.

So why bother trying to aim for this idea of perfection?

Wouldn’t it be better to aim to be perfectly imperfect.  To recognise that you are doing your best and trying your hardest and that the whatever the outcome is, it is actually enough. To let go of the comparisons, the worries, the fears and the anxieties that come with striving to achieve so much, and to instead accept what is, rather than striving for something that just stresses you out and becomes an obsession?

To instead learn to love and accept the body/relationship/life/career or business that you already have, to work towards achieving as much as you can every day and patting yourself on the back at the end of it for working so hard and attaining all that you have (even if it isn’t as ideal as you had hoped it to be?).

Stop working for perfection. Stop it right now. I give you permission to stop comparing yourself to everyone else and striving to reach a state of being that is probably not natural or even possible in the real world. Instead I want you to look for the things about your body and life that you already like (and love!) and to focus on those things.

If that makes you feel uncomfortable, I want you to reflect for a moment on the thought that there is probably someone out there looking at you and thinking that the life you lead is what they admire and strive to. It is true that the grass is always greener on the other side.

Therefore it is definitely better to enjoy what you have than what you don’t.  Aim to have a life that is in flow, that makes you happy and fulfilled in whatever way suits you, that leaves your cup overflowing with love and hope, and in which you realize that you can do and achieve whatever you want to- without it being perfect.

I’m not saying you can’t have ambitions…just make you dreams one that don’t require you to be your idea of the perfect version of you. Because you are already perfect and loveable just the way you are.

  • Are you someone who struggles with trying to be perfect? What are your thoughts about perfection? Do you have anything more to add?
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